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Quick Tips To Help You Get More From Your Garden

Successful organic gardening requires the use of some particular methods and techniques. All that is needed from you to have a great organic garden is to learn what they are, and to put them into practice. Plant slug-proof perennials. Slugs and snails will quickly destroy your garden if you let them. Young plants with susceptible […]


Dognapper tries to steal guide dog from blind owner walking with white stick

A sick dognapper tried to steal a guide dog for the blind as its owner was out walking alone with a white stick. Maisy McAdam, a 23-year-old university student, was exercising in a nature reserve with her guide dog Willow, a six-year-old labrador-golden retriever cross, when a man tried to snatch her pet thinking she […]


Britain’s loneliest elephant has been all on her own for 20 years

Almost 400,000 people have signed a petition to rehome ‘Britain’s loneliest elephant’ – that hasn’t seen one of its kind for 20 years. Anne the Asian elephant was beaten and forced to perform tricks for more than 50 years before being rescued from the Bobby Robert’s ‘Super Circus’. She currently lives in a heated £1.2m […]


‘Ghost’ lurks over grave in bone-chilling images from ‘most haunted’ cemetery

Bone-chilling images taken by a fearless visitor at a ‘most haunted cemetery’ show a ghostly figure standing over a grave. Tyler Karanasios captured the haunting photos at the Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis, in the US state of New Hampshire. The curious 26-year-old decided to visit the site which is known as Blood Cemetery, after […]


Blind black cat reunited with owners 11 years after vanishing over garden fence

A blind black cat has been reunited with his owners 11 years after he disappeared over the garden fence. And amazingly Dexter was found wandering the streets just a mile from where he had vanished. Julie Gibbons, 56, had taken in the rescue animal and his sister Daisy in 2010. But just weeks later daredevil […]


Woman terrified she’d die as jealous boyfriend stabbed her in back with machete

A brave woman has relived the horrifying moment her jealous boyfriend stabbed her with a machete before going on a drug-fuelled rampage. Chelsey Morris, 21, had been in a relationship with Ryan Abbott, 28, for three-and-a-half years when he launched the vicious attack on her in his flat. Abbott appeared “jealous” and ran at Chelsey […]


Gareth Gates now – Katie Price romp to hair transplant, new career & ripped bod

Pop Idol 2002 was the year of the brave – Will Young famously shut down Simon Cowell’s claim that his performance was ‘average’, and a 16-year-old Gareth Gates fought through his stammer to share his remarkable talent. Born in Bradford, Gareth had shown a flair for music at a young age, joining the Bradford Cathedral […]


Mum of two girls diagnosed with different cancers tells of ‘living nightmare’

A mum whose two young daughters were diagnosed with different cancers says life became like “living in a nightmare”. Claire Bruce, 32, was devastated shortly after her daughter Lacey, born 10 years ago, was diagnosed with an aggressive type of leukaemia. Just a few years later, and after the birth of a second girl called […]